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Our auction aimed at "an auction that is strong against overseas buyers." Based on 10 years of experience in auction management in Japan, we have independently developed a system that solves the problems of overseas buyers, such as allowing overseas buyers to participate in the auction remotely and with peace of mind and making the unclear costs as easy as possible. Did. In addition, the system has been designed to be easy for sellers to use and understand, such as being able to efficiently register listings for sellers. Please participate in our special auction.

  1. Feature①

    Dealers who don't want to waste time . Don't miss it !

    The biggest feature of this auction is that the accurate time schedule allows you to participate in the auction pinpointly only during the time of the item you want. It enables busy dealers to participate in market auctions efficiently.

  2. Feature②

    Our auction realizes highly accurate product condition evaluation from the buyer's point of view!

    By inspecting the products exhibited at this auction by our buyers, we will realize reliable condition notation, condition evaluation, and starting price from the perspective of the buyer.

  3. Feature③

    Full of functions to realize efficient auction preview!

    Previewing is very important in online auctions.
    Our auction is a system created by thoroughly thinking about how to efficiently preview the important auction.
    For example, it is full of useful functions such as a memo function that allows you to create your own preview table.

  4. Feature④

    The auction is full of features for bidding!

    Pre-bid price function that does not have to worry about the time difference.
    On the day of the auction, we will make full use of the functions unique to the Internet to create a climax of excitement.

  5. Feature⑤

    Worldwide support

    For overseas dealers, we will try to provide unprecedented easy-to-understand explanations in languages ​​such as English.
    We will capture the needs of the world and realize a world standard auction.

Flow until participation

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    Please enter customer information from exclusive registration form.

  2. 2

    Issuance of member ID and PASS

    You cannot participate in the auction with the temporary pass. It is possible to check the exhibited products and the auction function. You can check the atmosphere of our auction.

  3. 3

    Start of examination

    We will start the examination based on your submission.

  4. 4

    Start using

    Sorry I made you wait. We will issue your ID and password. Please participate in our auction.


  • Membership Fee 30,000 yen

  • Admission Fee 3,000 yen

No Shipping Fee and Customs Duty Charged.

For all contract amounts Seller's premium Buyer's premium
Bag 5% 15%
Accessories 5% 15%
Apparel 10% 15%
Watches 5% 15%
Jewelry 5% 15%


  • What is Seriae?
    SERIAE is a powerful B2B auction platform based in Japan. We have a global reach which provides overseas buyers the opportunity to participate in our auctions and purchase the finast luxury designer goods at wholesale pricing.
  • What auction styles are available with SERIAE?
    We have 2 auction systems. SLA (SERIAE LIVE AUCTION) and SBA (SERIAE BIDDING AUCTION)
  • Can international dealer register with SERIAE?
    Yes - you can register and participate.
  • How do I register for SERIAE?
    Go to www.seriae.com and please fill out our online registration form to open an account.
  • Can I make payments from abroad?
    Yes - We accept wire transfers to both, our Japanese bank and our U.S. bank accounts, We also accept credit cards. *Credit card payments must be pre-approved by providing required information upon registration found on our online registration form.
  • Does Seriae accept returns?
    You can only return the item if there is a defect that was not identified in the condition description and/or images, or if the item is found to be not authentic.
  • What happens if I bid on the wrong item?
    SERIAE can not cancel a bid for you. However, you as the bidder can cancel an item by paying a cancellation fee.
  • What happens if an item is not as described?
    If the item greatly differs from the description, the item price will be subject to negotiation.
  • What happens if I think my items is not authentic?
    In the case of a item whos authenticity is questionable, please contact us immediately for details.
  • What happens when I win an item at auction?
    The following day, after your payment is confirmed, your order will start to be processed. All inventory will ship from our warehouse located within the U.S. Shipping time is approxinately 1 week.
  • How do I sell my items on Seriae?
    Currently not Available.

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Operating Company

Company Name
2-45-6 101, Kabukicho, Shinjuku Ku, Tokyo, 160-0021, Japan
Phone Number
Takato Ojima
Business Content
・Buying and selling used brand bags and watches
・Used brand auction management
Date of Establishment
May. 10th, 2021
Display permission number based on the antique business law
Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission No.304362118806

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